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Inventory and Costs

Inventory and Costs

  1. Support to inventory and cost areas
  2. Preparation and execution of physical inventories
  3. Valuation of inventories and verification against registries

Control of Fixed Costs

  1. Re-evaluations of fixed costs
  2. Support to the organization in control of its fixed costs
  3. Evaluation and verification of fixed costs against accounting registries

Improvements in Development, Operational Efficiency and Reduction of Costs
GIES analyzes, evaluation and proposes actions that will refine business strategies and improve the efficiency of relevant operations to improve our clients’ bottom line.

We help our clients achieve incremental improvements in development and production, through offering the following services:

Integrated Process Management (GIES)
Utilizing the GIES methodology, we develop customized models based on industry “best practice,” the evaluation of the targeted company (strategy, organization, processes and technology)  and using the latest technology to recommend integrated management processes in the following areas:

Supply Chains

  1. Planning
  2. Production
  3. Inventory

Client Relations

  1. Sales
  2. Customer Service
  3. Marketing


  1. Management
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resources

Strategic Cost Administration

Internal Audits

  1. Evaluation and re-engineering of the internal auditing function based on world renown best practices


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