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An audit is a key piece of decision making in capital markets. Every person involved with a company requires independent auditors to make responsible opinions about the companies. Therefore, audits cannot be routinary or only required by statute. The audit must be based on the understanding of the industry, the market and the position of each client, it also must respect the independence of the Company.

Audit of Financial Statements

Through the execution of the audit of financial statements, we can be sure that the financial information and the operations of the organizations are carried out in a reliable and efficient manner and understand how the changes in the financial information regulation and standards affect your business.

Likewise, based on a comprehensive review of the accounting and fiscal situation, we make a detailed diagnosis for the correct fulfillment of the fiscal obligations and, where appropriate, the correct presentation of the fiscal opinion.

We have a quality management system that guarantees that the results of the audit are reliable and comply with the applicable norm in that matter.

Internal Control and Corporate Governance Audit

Internal auditing is an independent and objective activity of assurance and advisory, designed to add value and improve the operations of an organization. It helps an organization to achieve its objectives by providing a systematic and disciplined approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Through the implementation of internationally standardized methodologies and frameworks, we help your organization to implement, study or evaluate internal control to achieve its objectives in the short and medium term.

Forensic Financial Audit

Fraud is defined as distortions caused in the recording of operations and financial information or intentional acts to subtract assets (theft), or hide obligations that have or may have a significant impact on the financial statements under review.

We put at your disposal the technical and methodological tools for the detection, prevention and monitoring of fraud risks in the financial and accounting fields.

Due Diligence

With the aim of knowing in depth the operational and financial aspects of a business and identifying valuation points for it in transactions for the sale of companies or business units, we offer Due Diligence services to give certainty to decision making in your investment projects.

IMSS Opinion

Through experts in the field we offer services to verify the correct determination of social security contributions in order to present the opinion before IMSS. We have the ability and experience to evaluate the determination of the base contribution salary for the payment of fees to IMSS, we verify that the concepts paid to workers are being integrated in accordance with the Social Security Law.

This opinion provides security and peace of mind that they are adequately complying with the payment of fees to IMSS.

State and local Tax Opinion

We have specialists with the necessary experience to issue the State Fiscal Opinion on the determination and payment of the Tax on Expenditures for Remuneration for Personal Work in the State of Mexico and the Payroll Taxes in the CDMX, which will give security to the fulfillment of the obligations Prosecutors related to said tax in the State of Mexico and to be certain that they are adequately complying with the payment of the tax in the Federal District.

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