It is an ideal service for SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers who issue few invoices per month. By delegating the realization, management and control of your billing to our team of professionals you reduce time and costs.

  • Delivery of the invoice to your client
  • Issuance of Payment Receipt Complements
  • Total adherence to SAT regulations
  • Foreign currency invoices
  • Tax stimulus for VAT in the northern border region
  • Proof of payment in pesos for dollar bills
  • Transfer CFDIs (Before transport letter)
  • CFDIs with foreign trade complement with or without conversion of customs amount
  • CFDI with IEPS retention by rate
  • Credit Notes and Returns
  • Billing of samples
  • Billing of construction contracts, Advance payments, Complement of payments, Discounts and complementary CFDI
  • Official complements and the most common addendas

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